Adelaide Tourist Destinations

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city is endowed with many sites and places to visit. if you’re looking to travel there soon, below is a quick guide to some of the many attractions.

Adelaide Zoo:

2662134-3x2-700x467The zoo contains more than 1800 animals and many species of native and exotic mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. It has animals such as lions, chimpanzees, giraffes, while rhino and you can even see large teddy bears and pandas. It provides a close view of animals due to its small size and a good place to take kids for a day out. Kangaroo Island: the island has Australian wildlife such as kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and sea lions. It is also endowed with magnificent rocks, caves, a bit of Sahara and Admirals arch.


The area is known for its richness in great sites and in marine life such as dolphins and sea lions. One can also swim with the dolphins. The offshore has great sceneries with rocky and rugged shorelines with a chance of seeing sea lions sunbathing. Instead of having rocky hills, the area has sandy beaches that make the area look more of a resort. The beaches are the main attraction and they form a great swimming destination especially for cooling off in summer months.

Moseley_Square_GlenelgBarossa valley:

The area produces large volumes of major wine types of high quality. It provides an  opportunity to see large winemakers such as Wolf Blass, Peter Lehmann and Penfolds and learn how the wine is made. The area also produces the richest cheese, fresh meats, pastries and dried fruits.

Mt Lofty:

This is the place to go to get a panoramic view of the city and a view of foothills and plains. You can visit it while visiting the botanical garden.

Botanic gardens:

Adelaide has three botanical gardens, Adelaide botanic garden, Mount Lofty botanic garden and Mittunga botanic garden. The Adelaide botanic garden features the Palm house, which is a glass house, imported from Germany and contains plants from Madagascar. The garden also has bicentennial conservatory, which is the largest and it displays rainforest plants from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and northern Australia. It also has an amazing waterlily pavilion, and museum of economic botany. Outside the garden are Mediterranean gardens, Australian native gardens and many other gardens. Adelaide has many more attraction sites and places that one should take time and visit. They include Cleland Park, Adelaide oval for those who love cricket, museums, beaches and parks, among others. One can visit the area on a guided tour or on their own.

If you’re looking to travel to Adelaide, be sure to stay local. North Adelaide is a short walk to the CBD and boasts great pubs, food and historical sites. Greenways Apartments is next to the newly renovated Adelaide Oval and is a fantastic place to stay. To find out more about accommodation in Adelaide, be sure to visit there website.

A Guide To Men’s Ties

Some Basics about Ties

Ties– vibrant, classy, sober, whatever may be their type, are an important element of any man’s style statement. Neckties are a simple and long piece of cloth worn around the neck, mensfashiontiesneatly tucked under the shirt collar and crisply tied into a knot at the throat. A small, yet significant part of one’s dressing.

Men cannot be generally very experimental in their attire and that’s where ties step in to help one register his personality with the type of tie and the type of knot that he uses. Different ties are used for different occasions in daily life.

Unlike women, men do not have a heap of options to accessorize their apparel with. This means that the room for going wrong is also less. It is about using the few available tools that to the best. A ties is thus one of the most common and effective accessory that men use to enhance their appearance.

Ties and the way they are worn have constantly evolved over the decades. Their width, the fabric used, the designs and patterns keep the fashionistas and trend-setters busy all year round. While initially it was strictly worn as part of formal wear, it has emerged as part of casual attire over the years. However, when it comes to ties, the line between formal and casual should not blurred.

Types of ties and knots

There are several types of ties like the Ascot tie, Bowtie, Bolotie, Clip-on tie, Zipper tie and Cravat. Likewise there are also various ways to knot a tie. The most practical and useful of these knots are the Windsor knot, Half-Windsor knot, the Pratt knot and the Four-in-Hand knot. Besides these, there are nine other styles of knotting a tie which are less frequently used.

From wide to skinny, plain, striped or paisley, ties are now available in more styles and patterns than ever. Each type is suited to specific occasions. As far as the width goes, it is mainly determined by the width of lapels of the suit you are going to wear. Skinny ties with thin-lapelled suits, wide ties with wide-lapelled. That is the basic rule. Other factors to consider would be the man’s height and build. A muscular or bulky man would be better off wearing a wider tie. You don’t want a dog-on-the-leash look wearing a skinny tie if you are brawny.

The next thing to consider would be the pattern and/or color to choose. Paisley prints are all for the formal look such as an office presentation or a business meeting. Choosing the right print might be a bit tricky though. If ever in doubt, the safest option to go for would be a plain, solid silk tie. One simply cannot go wrong with those. It simply becomes a matter of color choice that complements the entire outfit.

To give a professional reflection, the suit or sweater can be of solid color whereas the tie can be of bright color with a pleasing print or pattern. In important meetings where you are the centre of focus, a tie with a bold or paisley print can be worn. This combination asserts authority. A vibrant and novel tie exudes confidence.

If dressing up for a casual event, one can be open to experiment. Funky patterns such as polka dots might be worn. Remember to keep the tie a bit loose when pairing it up with a casual outfit. You are not going for a job interview. A slightly loose tie will give a more relaxed, casual look.